An ever evolving development for pioneering technical materials.

Plus Tech embodies the far-reaching research and development division of Trolle Projects, dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art outfitting solutions that cater to a diverse array of users and adapt seamlessly to any environment or situation.

The Plus Tech collection includes high-performance outerwear, cutting-edge knitwear, and versatile accessories, all infused with groundbreaking garment technology. This advanced approach is tailored to elevate performance, ensure comfort, and provide functionality across a wide range of conditions.

Recognizing the unique demands of equestrian sports, Plus Tech collaborates closely with riders, trainers, and equine experts to develop tailored solutions that address the specific needs of both horse and rider. By incorporating state-of-the-art materials, intelligent designs, and innovative technologies, Plus Tech conpushes the boundaries of equestrian sportswear, offering unparalleled support and durability.

By choosing Plus Tech, users not only experience the benefits of advanced garment technology but also become part of a community that embraces the pursuit of improvement, adaptability, and resilience in the face of ever-changing challenges.


We have started from scratch, developing our own fabric based on bio-ceramics, consisting of a blend of six minerals integrated into a fabric finish. This exact combination is extremely effective in absorbing and reflecting energy emitted by the human body. The energy penetrates up to four centimeters into your body, which gives a boost to optimize all kinds of processes.

It provides the wearer with the ability to recharge while sleeping, preserve body heat, improve balance, and enhance athletic performance.

Twins graphene™

Graphene is an innovative material characterised by a single layer of carbon atoms. Due to its molecular structure and composition, graphene has a series of surprising properties that have earned it the title of “wonder material”.
In resent years, graphene has been brought from research laboratories to the textile industry, creating a wide range of innovative products called “Smart Textiles”.

One of the main characteristics of graphene is that it distributes heat evenly. When applied to a fabric, it absorbs and releases heat according to the body’s need, increasing the feeling of comfort when worn

Graphene is a natural conductor, therefore uniform applications of this material allow yarns and membranes to convey the electrical charge and prevent surface accumulation. This is particularly important for textile applications where antistatic and conductive fabrics or articles are required, such as the military or labour sectors

Due to their nanometric and orderly size, nanoparticles of graphene prevent the proliferation of viruses and bacteria, granting textiles antibacterial and antiviral characteristics, and therefore performing an anti-odour action

Graphene applied to fibre and yarn processing is organic in nature as it is obtained from processing corn