EUROJERSEY, is renowned for its Italian-made warp knit fabrics, especially its patented Sensitive® Fabrics range. This range, embraced by major brands across various sectors, is produced in a fully integrated plant encompassing knitting, dyeing, finishing, and printing. The company's success hinges on a blend of innovation, quality focus, and sustainable large-scale production. Their ethical commitment is reflected in their Code of Ethics and Supplier Code of Conduct, emphasizing integrity, transparency, and environmental and social responsibility.

Sensitive® Fabric represents a pioneering blend in textile technology, being the first and original in its category. It is crafted from a specialized mix of microfibre with 25% LYCRA® fibre, resulting in a fabric that excels in both aesthetics and functionality.


Extra Comfort: Offers a luxurious feel, ensuring wearer comfort.

Body Moisture System: Designed to effectively wick away moisture, keeping the skin dry and comfortable.

Quick Drying: Dries rapidly, making it ideal for active or daily wear.

Sun Block: Provides protection against harmful UV rays.

Extra Fine: The fine quality of the fabric ensures a smooth and soft texture.

Chlorine Resistance: Resistant to chlorine, suitable for swimwear and durable in chlorinated water.

No Pilling: Maintains a new and clean appearance by resisting pilling.

Easy-Care: Low maintenance, easy to wash and care for.

Wrinkle Free: Resists creasing, ensuring the fabric remains smooth and presentable.

Certification: ECO-STANDAR 100

This innovative fabric stands out for its blend of performance and durability, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of apparel.


Miti Spa, where tradition meets innovation in fabric manufacturing since 1931. Our commitment to eco-sustainability is at the heart of our production, ensuring each fabric meets the highest environmental standards, as evidenced by our Bluesign® certification. Driven by a dedicated team, we continually push boundaries in fabric technology, catering to a wide range of industries including sports, fashion, and medical sectors. Join us in exploring the world of high-quality, sustainable fabrics.

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Founded in 1955 in Italy, Imbotex Srl specializes in creating natural, recycled, and technological textile paddings. With a focus on flexibility and innovation, their products are designed for diverse sectors like furniture, bedding, fashion, and sportswear. The company blends high-tech processes with environmental awareness, maintaining strong local roots while engaging globally. Imbotex has a history of female leadership and a commitment to overcoming cultural and economic challenges, constantly exploring new developments and experiments.

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Pontetorto, established in 1952 in Prato, Italy, has a rich heritage in textile manufacturing, known for blending traditional techniques with modern visions. The company gained global recognition with its introduction of fleece in 1985 through the Tecnopile line, revolutionizing the clothing industry. Today, Pontetorto excels in the sports and fashion market, utilizing modern technologies and a skilled workforce to maintain its reputation for quality. They are committed to sustainable and technical fabric production, holding various certifications to ensure product excellence.

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Penn Textile Solutions, with over five decades of expertise, specializes in elastomeric knitted textiles and operates from a 15,000 m² facility in Paderborn, Germany. They offer innovative textile solutions for intimate apparel, sports, medical, and technical products, focusing on problem-solving and supply chain efficiency. The company is committed to sustainability, evident in their adoption of a tenside-free scouring process that significantly reduces environmental impact. This initiative is in line with their dedication to environmental protection and sustainable processes.

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Founded in 1965, Lamintess has evolved from focusing on furniture to specializing in technical fabrics for outerwear and sportswear, with a strong international presence. Their dedication to R&D has led to the creation of innovative, synthetic, light, and waterproof fabrics. Additionally, Lamintess is deeply committed to sustainability, as demonstrated in their 2022 Integrated Report. They follow an Environmental Policy to prevent pollution and have achieved OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Global Recycled Standard certifications, reflecting their dedication to responsible production and environmental integrity.


Lanerossi, a pioneering company in woolen yarn production, was among the first to develop this type of 100% merino yarn. The yarn retains the natural, pleasing characteristics of merino wool while being adaptable to Total Easy Care, combining luxury with practicality.

AMICO TECK 2/48 Yarn

Composition: AMICO TECK 2/48 is composed of 100% extrafine merino wool, with a fineness of 19.5 microns. This high-quality wool is known for its exceptional softness and comfort.

Total Easy Care (TEC): The yarn is certified with the Woolmark Total Easy Care label, indicating its suitability for machine washing and drying. Garments made from this yarn can be washed and dried without losing their shape, structure, or aesthetic appeal.